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Kirby's Epic Yarn on Wii

Kirby's Epic Yarn Screen Shots

Kirby's Epic Yarn is a Platforming game available on the Wii. It can be played in Cooperative Sharedscreen modes.

Kirby's Epic Yarn is a Platforming game. Platform games task you with getting from point A to point B. The world you journey through is usually based on different levels, and populated with enemies, switches and lifts to be negotiated. As you work through each level you pick up various collectables that accrue score, special abilities and access to hidden areas.

Kirby's Epic Yarn can be played in a Cooperative mode. Cooperative Multiplayer games provide an experience that is played symaltaneously by multiple players. Unlike the simple arena competitive multiplayer style games where players try to kill the most enemies, true co-operative games are designed to take a group of players through a campaign experience together. This will involve sections where players have to work together to proceed - either from the sheer difficulty as in Halo 3 on 360 or by the design of levels such as LittleBigPlanet on PS3.

Kirby's Epic Yarn can be played in a Sharedscreen mode. Shared Screen Multiplayer games create a multiplayer experience where players all share the same screen space. Rather than splitting the screen into portions for each player the game scales to fit each player in view even when they are a long way apart. Football and fighting games often take this approach as the shared view doesn't impede the players ability to take part in the action.


Kirby's Epic Yarn

Kirby's Epic Yarn drops special powers in favour of tactile interactions with its exquisitely patchwork 2D levels. Endearing to a tee, Europe wait until 2011 as the Stateside reviews roll in.

Kirby is one of Nintendo's most loved, but most under-utilised characters and this is the first Kirby game on a console since the Gamecube's Kirby Air Ride in 2004.
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Kirby's Epic Yarn provides an fun and varied platformer with some addictive bit-sized gameplay despite a fabric-based premise which may put off more serious gamers.

I always find my partner is a great person from whom to gain a pure reaction to a game. As a pretty regularly gamer I sometimes see many titles in a week, but she only really sees a few games here and there. Her own unfamiliarity with gaming means that rather than being sucked in to believing that a minor innovative feature makes a game unique, she tends to see past all that and judge a game for what it truly is.
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Kirby's Epic Yarn Wii isn't just a reinvention but new gaming paradigm. Courage of his convictions makes this experience as fresh and enjoyable as when Kirby first stepped onto our screens in 1992.

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