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Need for Speed: Undercover on PS3 360

Need for Speed: Undercover Screen Shots

Need for Speed: Undercover is a Racing game available on the PS3 360.

Need for Speed: Undercover is a Racing game. Racing games, although sometimes seen as a sporting sub category, are a well established video game genre in their own right.


We have our reporters and community keeping an eye on Need for Speed: Undercover for you, and we'll keep you up to date with the latest developments as they happen.


Race Gamer review Sun, 04 Jan 2009

The original Need for Speed was an old favourite for me, bringing proper police chases to the gaming world in a groundbreaking way. It was exciting to play and highly addictive to repeatedly escape the boys in blue. Then the game went a bit soft with the follow-up (Need for Speed: Pro Street 360 and the like) so I gave it a miss. This new version promises something of the original which helped it gain the edge over the competition then, but will it work in the highly competitive race game market today? Let's find out.

Instantly, I am impressed with the slick way you are thrown into the game. No messing around with menus and setup screens. It's straight into the middle of the action in a performance vehicle with a job to do.
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Family Gamer review Sat, 03 Jan 2009

Another Need for Speed game hits the streets - this time placing you as an undercover cop trying to smash the criminal gangs in the ever-sunny Tri-City. Taking elements of previous Need For Seed games and mixing them in a big pot we get races galore and the added joys of cop chases and take-outs. Add in the ever-corny cut scenes, with Maggie Q playing the part of your supervisor and its sure sounds like a barrel full of fun.

Undercover takes place in a Burnout Paradise style open world, but the locations are bland and uninteresting and I never felt like just driving around to see what I could find. Indeed it seems somewhat pointless to have this ability anyway as the game lets you jump straight into races with a press on the D-pad. I actually liked this way of doing things as I feel I would have been bored having to drive between events. The option of replaying a failed event straight away is a bonus as I was always annoyed in Burnout with having to keep traipsing back to the start of a race.
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