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PDC World Darts Pro Tour on PS3 Wii

PDC World Darts Pro Tour Screen Shots

PDC World Darts Pro Tour is a game available on the PS3 Wii.


PDC World Championship Darts: Pro Tour

PDC World Championship Darts: Pro Tour refreshes its stance this year as it steps up with Wii MotionPlus and PlayStation Move controls. 360 owners will have to be content with analogue stick throwing for now.

PDC Darts is the best selling console darts game and began life on PlayStation 2 back in 2006. Whilst this isn't the first iteration to include motion controlled throwing, it's the first time for PlayStation Move.
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Sports Gamer review Tue, 22 Feb 2011

PDC World Darts Pro Tour is as close as I'll get to professional darts, it is just a shame it's not the experience I had hoped for.

I love watching darts and whatever others may say, I consider it to be a sport. It requires a high skill level and dedication to put in the hours of practice. Like many others, I have sat there watching Phil Taylor and Co and thought 'I wonder how hard it really is?' 'Could I, with a bit of practice, be on that stage playing those guys?'
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Family Gamer review Wed, 08 Dec 2010

PDC Darts World Tour Wii adds MotionPlus magic to its strong recreation of the sport. The deft weighting and accurate orientation required here are both convincing and compelling. It may not look as good as other bigger budget sports games but PDC gets it right where it counts.

Sporting games on the Wii have been a revolution to my game playing. I have always enjoyed video football, tennis and athletics, but on the Wii the controls finally matched the graphical experience. An evening playing these sorts of games was more of a challenge and felt like less a waste of time.
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Teen Gamer review Wed, 08 Dec 2010

PDC Darts World Tour PS3 extends the motion controlled experience in wonderful high definition. If you are happy to wrestle with menus and glitches there is a great game waiting to be discovered here.

I never really got into the Wii. My friends all either have 360's or PS3's so that's mostly what we play when we get together. It's funny to see both of those systems now adding controllers that mimic the Wii-mote. We are actually quite happy with the joypad.
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