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Peppa Pig: The Game on Wii DS

Peppa Pig: The Game Screen Shots

Peppa Pig: The Game is a Minigames game available on the Wii DS.

Peppa Pig: The Game is a Minigames game. Mini games come in a variety of shapes and sizes. What unites the genre is the speed with which players can pickup the games and the relativley short time requried to complete a level or two.


Peppa Pig: Theme Park Fun

Peppa Pig: Theme Park Fun is designed for very young players, but this doesn't mean derivative or overly easy minigames. In stead it promises a well judged experience that has required as much design and investment as a big budget title.

Peppa Pig: Theme Park Fun is another minigame collection on the DS. But having been impressed with how well the previous Peppa Pig games understand the very young audience and how much investment had gone into the delivery, I am excited about a new addition to the range.
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Frugal Gamer review Mon, 16 May 2011

Peppa Pig: The Game on the Nintendo Wii brings one of the most popular children's cartoons to the home console and is full of exciting minigames and activities. Playing as either Peppa or George, kids will instantly feel at ease with the simple Wii controls and the mixture of fun minigames means that there's an activity for everyone - even the parents! The easy gameplay and integration with Peppa Pig DS opens up a world of entertainment and education that's snortingly good fun for kids of all ages.

Peppa Pig: The Game is a delightful experience for children who adore Peppa and her friends. Exploring and interacting with everything from the cartoon series is an entertaining experience and packed with fun mini-games full of variety and character. Each of the mini-games is presented in the same style as the TV cartoon and contains familiar character to control with the Wii remote.
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Story Gamer review Mon, 16 May 2011

Peppa Pig: The Game is a pleasantly packaged set of Wii distractions perfectly pitched at Peppa's pre-school fan base.

As the parent of a baby daughter, I know that Peppa Pig is an irresistable part of my future, and that resistance is useless. Peppa's influence over pre-school girls is somewhere between that of a superstar and a cult leader, such is the cartoon pig's charismatic sway. Few young minds can resist her porcine charms.
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Junior Gamer review Thu, 14 Apr 2011

Peppa Pig Theme Park Fun is another impressive game for really young players. A story and more involved challenges join the physics based fun. Our junior gamer gives us the low down.

There are a lot of games aimed at younger players that are just grownup games with different graphics and made easier. But Peppa Pig is quite different to those.
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Family Gamer review Thu, 10 Mar 2011

Peppa Pig DS and Wii games offer mini sandbox play spaces for very young players. Free from scores and time limits they can simply enjoy interacting with an old friend.

Peppa Pig has been popular with each of our children (3, 5 and 7) and is still the go to DVD for our youngest - with the older ones happy to watch them too. If you've not seen the show, it follows a family of snorting pigs through every day scenarios. It's jovial and jolly and actually really well animated.
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