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Plants vs Zombies on IPHONE DS PC

Plants vs Zombies Screen Shots

Plants vs Zombies is a Strategy game available on the IPHONE DS PC.

Plants vs Zombies is a Strategy game. Strategy games provide experiences that require quick thinking, and forward planning from the gamer. They combine the unfolding tactics of classic games like chess, with more recent board games such as Risk. Usually focusing on a theatre of war context, players enjoy the tactical overview of the battle these games provide.


We have our reporters and community keeping an eye on Plants vs Zombies for you, and we'll keep you up to date with the latest developments as they happen.


Family Gamer review Wed, 03 Aug 2011

Plants vs Zombies is more than the Disneyfication of Tower Defence, it injects real time strategy with enough personality to connect with family gamers of all ages.

Some family gaming greats are happy accidents, while others have resulted from canny development decisions. Plants vs Zombies is a little of both. It takes the core gaming of tower defence and gives it a friendly face.
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Game People review Thu, 05 May 2011

We discuss what makes Plants vs Zombies such a universally embraced game, and why hardcore gamers are playing catchup with these sorts of titles.

Before the tape started rolling, here are our scribbled notes.
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Tech Gamer review Sat, 30 Apr 2011

Plants vs. Zombies is Night of the Living Dead meets Day of the Triffids. It delivers more mileage than you'd expect, with a huge variety of ways to defend your garden from the living dead.

Two years ago, Plants vs. Zombies was a hit casual game. Despite receiving near-universal praise from critics and achieving good sales, somehow I missed out. Perhaps it's because I've never been fond of tower defence games, or perhaps I wasn't expecting a casual game to actually be good.
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Touch Gamer review Thu, 11 Nov 2010

Plants Vs Zombies brings zany addictive tower defence to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad in style. Popcap made their name with Peggle, Bookworm and Bejeweled, but it's the depth of their creative well that continues to impress with games like this.

There was a foggy period not so many moons ago when PopCap was looked upon as being a ruthless and mercenary copy-cat developer who'd rip off any game in order to make a quick buck. The Actionloop-inspired Zuma being a prime example often wheeled out by opponents.
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Family Gamer review Fri, 22 May 2009

Who would ever think that using plants against zombies is not only very effective, but also a lot of fun? Of course, the folks from PopCap did!

Plants vs. Zombies is not just one of these brain dead shooting games. The game revolves around one's house that gets attacked by zombies. Sure, the goal is to kill the zombies, but it isn't really killing, because the zombies are already dead. The lawn gets rolled out and then one has to go plant. I always put in one row of sunflowers first. Sunflowers produce suns that get turned into points and enough points get one all kinds of stuff.
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