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Seaquence on PC

Seaquence Screen Shots

Seaquence is a Improvement game available on the PC.

Seaquence is a Improvement game. Self improvement games tap into the popular trend in exercise, workouts and therapy. Experiences as diverse as Brain Training on Nintendo DS and Wii-Fit on the Nintendo Wii have popularised the idea that games can be about more than just having fun - they can improve your brain, body and even mental outlook on life.


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Magnetic Gamer review Thu, 25 Nov 2010

Seaquence not only lets you experiment with music, but you can do it visually. Its simple musical lifeforms are an easy way to learn transferable musical skills.

One of the things I like about video games the most, is the ideas that overspill in to reality. I'm not talking about people dressing up as characters from World of Warcraft and getting married or eight year olds running down the street pretending to Mario.
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