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Sonic Colours on DS Wii

Sonic Colours Screen Shots

Sonic Colours is a Platforming game available on the DS Wii.

Sonic Colours is a Platforming game. Platform games task you with getting from point A to point B. The world you journey through is usually based on different levels, and populated with enemies, switches and lifts to be negotiated. As you work through each level you pick up various collectables that accrue score, special abilities and access to hidden areas.


Sonic Colours

Sonic Team continue their refinements in the search to get the blue hedgehog recipe balanced. The colour coded game play and specific Wii and DS modes promise another step in the right direction.

Sonic Colours returns to the game play of Unleashed on Wii and Rush on DS. On the Wii action moves from 2D to 3D like the day stages from the previous game. On the DS both screens are used as was seen in Sonic Rush.
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Teen Gamer review Thu, 18 Nov 2010

Sonic Colours DS is only 2D, but its blistering pace and reaction game play finally got me and my friends into Sonic. I was surprised how addictive it was, not having played the old games before.

I don't remember the old Sonic games. Sorry, but they were before my time. Of course I've heard of how great they were, but the versions I've played always seem to be more confusing than fun.
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Family Gamer review Thu, 18 Nov 2010

Sonic Colours Wii is bursting with single minded enthusiasm for its concept. Although it can appear haphazard and unfair, spend enough time playing and you will find a world where every piece matters.

There have been a lot of Sonic games released recently. While Sonic 4 took us back to the original's 2D graphical style, Sonic Colours ploughs merrily on with the 3D incarnation - or at least a version that switches between 2D and 3D.
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Returning Gamer review Sat, 09 Jan 2010

Sonic Colours is a well overdue return to form for a series I'd loved as a child but had all but lost faith in since coming back to gaming.

I've been an atheist since the moment I found out there was more than one god. As a way to pass the time -- you know, since I have no god to worship -- I've taken to online religious debate forums.
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