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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on 360

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Screen Shots

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is a Fighting game available on the 360.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is a Fighting game. Fighting games revolve around the interaction of two or more characters in some form of physical combat. Players learn to control characters through either memorisation of button combinations to access more advance moves, or by their reactions and accurate timing.


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Family Gamer review Sun, 18 Jan 2009

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed represents the latest attempt to bring that galaxy far, far away to a console near you. Faced with the usual problem of how to make a game with broad appeal that also satisfies the demands of the ultra-devoted fans, LucasArts doubled down by deciding to make The Force Unleashed the vehicle for a major new portion of the Star Wars back-story. While this represents an undoubtedly bold move, one question looms large: is it possible to create a genuinely good game under the pressure of such powerful forces?

You play as Galen Marek, captured as a small child by Darth Vader - something you experience via an over-blown prologue level in which you control Vader as he ploughs through an onslaught of about two billion Wookiees to reach a duel with a powerful Jedi. After killing the Jedi, Vader discovers that the force is strong with his young son, and decides to keep and raise him. Jump forward sixteen years and Galen has become 'Starkiller', Darth Vader's apprentice, and is ready to go out on his first Jedi hunt.
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