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Style Boutique on DS

Style Boutique Screen Shots

Style Boutique is a Minigames game available on the DS.

Style Boutique is a Minigames game. Mini games come in a variety of shapes and sizes. What unites the genre is the speed with which players can pickup the games and the relativley short time requried to complete a level or two.


We have our reporters and community keeping an eye on Style Boutique for you, and we'll keep you up to date with the latest developments as they happen.


Domestic Gamer review Sun, 08 Nov 2009

Style Boutique DS is a light-hearted look at the world of shopping and fashion which is something obsessed over by a large proportion of our media. Brought more to the fore with TV shows like Ugly Betty, Style Boutique on the Nintendo DS follows a similar world of high styling and high prices - all be it in a rather cutesy cartoon way.

This game is aimed at young adults or teens, although the box design gives it a much more grown up feel. Having only one six year old daughter I think Style Boutique would be beyond her capabilities in terms of reading all the text. Apart from this, the game isn't that difficult and with a little help I'm sure she'd enjoy choosing outfits for people to try on. Other go for a less serious and more flexibile approach though, she already enjoys creating her own garish designs in Barbie Fashion show on the DS.
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Frugal Gamer review Thu, 22 Oct 2009

In Style Boutique for the Nintendo DS, it's down to you to up the fashion quota for handheld consoles everywhere, by inputting your own creativity into the world of digital clothing. As owner of your own apparel store, you can purchase, collect and model the latest DS fashions, not only catering to your customers but to your friends too.

The Nintendo DS has been credited along with the Wii for pushing the perception of gaming to new people, with different methods of interaction. With this expanding market, new styles of games aimed at different audiences have become available, case in point, Style Boutique. Ubisoft has had a string of hits in their Imagine series of games, from running a Restaurant to designing a Fashion Model. Nintendo, never one to leave money on the table, here steps up to show us how it is done.
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