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The Conduit on Wii

The Conduit Screen Shots

The Conduit is a Shooting game available on the Wii.

The Conduit is a Shooting game. Shooting games present a world in which the character must shoot their way out of dangerous situations. They provide the player with an array of weapons tailored to specific tasks. This unavoidably involves a combination of fisticuffs and gun based fighting that dictates the violent nature of these experiences. Beneath this harsh exterior though is often an intricate tactile game - and this is usually what drives the player.


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Family Gamer review Sun, 16 Aug 2009

The Conduit promised to deliver a fully fledge first person shoot on the Wii, and it delivered on all fronts. But more than this it proved how sensational the Wii-mote/Nun-chuck combination is for shooting controls.

Let's get this out the way from the off. I've never got on playing games at a desk (that's where I work all day) or controlling first person games with two analogue sticks (too inaccurate and too fiddly). I've always thought that the Wii-mote offered a good compromise, the accuracy of a mouse without the need to be sat at a desk.
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