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Ghost Recon Shadow Wars on 3DS

Ghost Recon Shadow Wars Screen Shots

Ghost Recon Shadow Wars is a Singleplayer,competitive,sharedscreen,turnbased game available on the 3DS.

Ghost Recon Shadow Wars is a Singleplayer,competitive,sharedscreen,turnbased game. Shooting games present a world in which the character must shoot their way out of dangerous situations. They provide the player with an array of weapons tailored to specific tasks. This unavoidably involves a combination of fisticuffs and gun based fighting that dictates the violent nature of these experiences. Beneath this harsh exterior though is often an intricate tactile game - and this is usually what drives the player.


Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Shadow Wars

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Shadow Wars innovates with more than 3D on the new Nintendo handheld. A turn based play style does as much as 3D to single it out from the crowd with an experience that demands both high strategy and imagination.

Ghost Recon Shadow Wars is a game from a Julian Gollop led team that brings back tactical turn based strategy to the franchise. In a play style that has lost fashion since the days of Laser Squad and XCOM enemy unknown, Shadow Wars proves there is life in the old dog yet.
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Novel Gamer review Mon, 11 Apr 2011

Executive Forces, a short story review based on Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars for the Nintendo 3DS. A covert military unit employs ultimate sanction against the enemy; at least that's what is in the script. Is the director being led astray by fabled military advisor Doug Trenches?

Bulletstorm is a mess, but that's kind of the idea. It's made by People Can Fly (the developers who brought Gears of War to the PC) and has the same sense of absolute carnage. The plot maybe hokum but, again, that's not what's important here.
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Story Gamer review Fri, 08 Apr 2011

Ghost Recon Shadow Wars is a turn-based strategy game I've wanted for some time. Although it lacks the creeping mystery of a Fog of War and the knife edge nervousness of Opportunity fire, by putting 3D to maximum use Shadow Wars still delivers an engrossing fiction in which to get consumed.

Many gamers cite their favourite games of all time. A good subset of those would also cite UFO: Enemy Unknown (or X-Com) as one of those games. As well as providing a deep Turn-Based Strategy experience, UFO managed to create a setting that drew players in and immersed them in the world.
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Multiplayer Gamer review Wed, 09 Mar 2011

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Shadow Wars continues a dynasty of turn based strategy games from Julian Gollop. You may have to pass the 3DS person to person for multiplayer, but none of that matters with a fresh chance for squad based tactical warfare.

There are a couple of Tom Clancy games being released on the 3DS, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Shadow Wars and the other one. If I'm honest I just don't know much about the other game, apart from the fact that it's not got Julian Gollop at the helm.
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