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Wii-Fit Plus on Wii

Wii-Fit Plus Screen Shots

Wii-Fit Plus is a Improvement game available on the Wii.

Wii-Fit Plus is a Improvement game. Self improvement games tap into the popular trend in exercise, workouts and therapy. Experiences as diverse as Brain Training on Nintendo DS and Wii-Fit on the Nintendo Wii have popularised the idea that games can be about more than just having fun - they can improve your brain, body and even mental outlook on life.


We have our reporters and community keeping an eye on Wii-Fit Plus Solus for you, and we'll keep you up to date with the latest developments as they happen.


Fit Gamer review Sun, 15 Nov 2009

It's been two years since Nintendo released Wii-Fit and created an entire fitness,health and exercise genre that has dominated the charts. Since then a whole host of competitors have appeared focusing on Wii-Fit's weaknesses. Now Nintendo has responded with Wii-Fit Plus which fixes many of the problems in the original, while adding whole new kinds of exercise, ramping up the fun, and making it much more effective as a fitness tool.

As a regular Wii-Fit user I felt right at home in Wii-Fit Plus, Nintendo have not mucked around with the formula, just added a heap of new stuff, and tweaked what was already there. I'm going to quickly review the new mini-games, before looking at how Nintendo have overhauled Wii-Fit to make it a more effective workout.
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Frugal Gamer review Mon, 12 Oct 2009

Wii-Fit Plus is Nintendo's upgrade of the original that brings several new aerobic, muscle and balance training exercises to the table. In this sequel calories can also be counted thanks to the new MET value and the added training plus mode that brings some fun and often hilarious new games to make Wii-Fit Plus something very special indeed. You can either buy Wii-Fit Plus on its own if you have the Balance Board already, or opt for the full pack if you are new to Nintendo Wii-Fitness.

Adding to the original premise of get fit at home, this Wii console title expands its audience by appealing to a slightly more serious crowd. It does this not only by promoting fitness, but by adding a calorie counter to its tool kit, making use of a Metabolic Equivalent (MET) value. This is defined as 'the ratio of the work to resting metabolic rate'. This allows those with a more fat-burning attitude to focus on that, instead of general fitness.
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