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Wii U is a game available on the WIIU.


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Domestic Gamer review Sun, 14 Aug 2011

I don't need another console cluttering the lounge, but I have to admit the Wii U took me by surprise. I'd not felt like this playing a videogame before.

Although I don't always stay up to date with all the latest videogame comings and goings, since the Wii and the DS I seem to be more aware with what Nintendo's doing. I don't think it's just me, the main stream media seem much more willing to write about the Wii than other consoles -- unless of course they are looking for a scapegoat on recent cultural misnomers.
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Family Gamer review Tue, 21 Jun 2011

Wii U creates novel ways to control games and ups the graphical horsepower. But as with other Nintendo platforms, this is actually more exciting because of the games they will create rather than the controller innovation or tech specs.

It's easy to dismiss the Wii U. The controller technology may be clever but it is nothing that a PS Vita or iPad can't deliver. The visuals may be on a par with the PlayStation 3 and 360 but Sony and Microsoft have got this base pretty well covered already. The Wii is only five years old, a year younger than the 360 and really doesn't need replacing yet -- surely the Wii U could have been a peripheral rather than a whole new console.
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