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Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde DS Review

10/03/2011 Family Junior Gamer Review
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Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde DS

Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde



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The Mysterious Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde got me into mystery stories because I really liked finding clues and figuring out crimes.

I've played quite a few hidden object games on the DS, or "find the thingy games" as my brother calls them. My mum is really into them, so I often play them after her, or sometimes help her find things she can't find.

The Mysterious Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde is for seven year olds so I'm just about old enough to play it. It works like the other mystery games I've seen. You have to find different things to finish each room and then you get told some more of the story.

Playing it was quite educational too because at school we have just done a project on the 1800's and how life was really different back then. Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde is played in London 1886 and it was really good to be able to explore things for myself.

I quite liked being a detective.

I didn't want to admit it at first, but I was a little bit scared of the mysterious murders that you are trying to solve. I guess I wouldn't watch this sort of thing on TV yet. Some parts I got my mum to help with because I wasn't sure if they were suitable.

Once I got more into the game, I got used to tracking down clues and solving the different puzzles though. You play the game as Inspector Newcomen and Dr Jekyll I quite liked being a detective.

There was enough different things to do to keep me playing for quite a long time. I really liked taking fingerprints from crime scenes and retracing the last minutes of the dead people's lives.

Since finishing it I've started reading the Cassie Kingston Mystery books.

A few times I actually got quite stuck, there is quite a bit of reading to do and sometimes I skipped bits which I don't think helped.

Although I've played quite a lot of these sorts of games The Mysterious Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde was one I really enjoyed. Since finishing it I've started reading the Cassie Kingston Mystery books by J H Sweet, and have been on the look out for out DS mystery games.

Written by Ben Loverrock

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