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MobiGo Tangled Vtech Review

30/01/2011 Family Junior Gamer Review
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MobiGo Tangled Vtech

MobiGo Tangled



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Tangled MobiGo misses out on the story but has very simple minigames so even very young players can play along.

Tangled MobiGo is based on the new Disney film about Rapunzel. It looks the same as the film and makes the story feel more like a movie than a book. The princess seems much more cross in this game than she does in the bedtime story version I remember.

It's a little young for me, it says three to five year olds on the box, but I actually quite enjoyed playing it for a while. I think this is because it reminded me about the Tangled (Wii) that I play with my older brother.

After a while I handed this one onto my younger brother to play, he is four and seemed to like it more than me. He played it for longer anyway.

Tangled uses the keyboard and the touch screen of the Vtech MobiGo handheld. Rather than one big game like on the Wii, this is a set of little games that last a few minutes each. The game doesn't really tell the story but it does use the characters from the film and sounds like it uses the real voices too.

We've played it quite a bit so I think it must be pretty good.

Tower Painting lets you tap different pictures to colour them in. Tangled in the Market is more of a puzzle where you have to move boxes around to get Flynn to different shops. Pascal's Letters is the most homework like of them all because you have to guess the next letter with the keyboard. Let the Dance Begin gets you to remember different dance moves. Finally, in The Lanterns you have to choose the right coloured lanterns and flick them up into the air with the touch screen.

There is another Vtech Tangled game for their VReader handheld. I know my little brother just liked the games on the MobiGo one, but I liked getting the full story on Tangled (VReader). It feels more like something I could do to relax rather than learn something.

The games on Tangled MobiGo don't last a long time, even my brother had got through them in an hour. But you can play them again to get a better score. Also Dad found out that you could connect the MobiGo to a computer with the game in and you get reward stickers for how well you have done.

Tangled MobiGo is a simple little game and follows the same educational pattern as the other MobiGo games, but we've played it quite a bit so I think it must be pretty good.

Written by Ben Loverrock

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