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Fitness and gaming join forces to give you fun exercise, or do they? Will it work for me? What defines a fitness game? The easiest way to find out is by reading the experiences and advice from Game People's very on Fit Gamer. With a background as a personal trainer and life long gamer, Luke gives you insight into exergaming from a practical experience.

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I will be bringing a few popular or controversial stories from the media into the spotlight and examining the truth behind the research, the fact behind the opinion and explanation for the misunderstanding. Exergaming is a new field that has many journalists and editors struggling to deal with the dual concepts of fitness and gaming, more often than not failing to appreciate both aspects equally.

Fitness Games Articles

Almost every review you will read on fitness games is based, at most, on a half hour play followed with a quick write up to deadline. I have been using fitness games personally and professionally for much longer than that, so will be giving exhaustive reviews for all the major options. From my reviews you will be able to see the strengths and weaknesses of long term use before deciding which fitness gaming route will work for you.

Exergaming Fundamentals Articles

Exergaming is a new term for video games that involve exercise. There are many innovative and technological advances in the name of exercise, but it is the console gaming arm that has captured the imagination of the world. So what do these exergames do, how do they work, and do they deliver what they promise? I will take you through the principles and theory and show you the thinking behind the concepts.

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