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Advanced Circuits DSi-Ware Review

20/02/2011 Artistic Magnetic Gamer Review
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Advanced Circuits DSi-Ware

Advanced Circuits



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Advanced Circuits DSi-Ware is "The best thing since sliced bread."

Advanced Circuits is a cute little puzzle game. The concept is simple: create a continuous circuit from a selection of track pieces. It starts off simple but steadily progresses in difficulty, not putting a huge strain on the grey matter but certainly keeping you interested.

The game is well made with good graphics, gameplay and music, multiple save files (ideal for families) and generally has a cheery feel to it. Even though there's a counting timer you never really feel too pressured, it's a relaxing puzzle experience. I often found myself bobbing my head to the music whilst playing.

If you do get stuck there's a handy hint button which will either lay a piece of circuit or remove one incorrect piece. Using the button does however incur a time penalty so use it wisely.

All three of my eight year olds enjoyed it. They seemed to use it as break from other action based games. The multiple save files helped them share the game between themselves, each taking turns and saving their progress after each level.

There are three different types of circuits you can create: Train, Car and Tank. Judging by how quickly we progressed, the 60 levels will keep you entertained for many hours.

I hadn't heard of Advanced Circuits DSi-Ware before so I was please to discover this little gem of a game. It is ideal for anyone aged six and up - although we all needed a little help on it from time to time.

It is certainly worth the 500 Nintendo Points and made me think more about trying out other DSi-Ware games.

Written by Matthew Applegate

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