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I love a good story. Games tell many different stories: the stories told through cut scenes and dialogue, but also the stories that emerge through gameplay, the stories players make for themselves.

I have been telling stories all my life, from crayoned comic strips as a child, through to an adult career writing novels and stories. I have written small press comic strips, an audio play and prose fiction, most notably for BBC Books' Doctor Who line.

My story reviews apply this lifelong interest in stories and storytelling to the games. Some games have great storytelling, with compulsive plots and interesting characters. Others are less good, with cliched narratives and characters who are stereotypical, obnoxious or both.

Then there are the stories which are harder to find, those stories which are told less through dialogue, but which emerge through play. Even a game without a plot can tell a story, although it might not be the story its creators intended.

Here are my game reviews.

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