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Resistance 2 PS3 Review

05/10/2009 Artistic Mousey Gamer Review
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Resistance 2 PS3

Resistance 2



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Here's what I drew with my mouse after playing Resistance 2. I hope you like my video game reviews that are not hand drawn - but written one mouse stroke at a time.

The reality shock kind of horror I experienced during Resistance 2 was something that had been unrivaled since I first played Call of Duty 4. Sometimes massive destruction can be conveyed so efficiently the impact of watching it resonates stronger than anything else. There's just something haunting about watching giant alien airships mount an overwhelming attack on the burning ruins of the city that used to exist behind the Golden Gate Bridge.

There's that kind of haunting, sure, and then there's that other kind of haunting. In Resistance 2 it's called a Chameleon, and it's a shrilling, screaming banshee with invisible armor that has to be killed the very moment before it rips your throat open with it's glistening fangs. Now that is some haunting shit.

Written by Noah Rodenbeek

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Noah Rodenbeek writes the Mousey Gamer column.

"My mouse drawn reviews are my gut reaction to whatever game I've just played, and, as a service to the intelligent reader, it will be dispensed with as many pictures and as few words as I can manage."

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