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12/12/2012 Forza Horizon News
Guest author: Chris Jarvis
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Forza Horizon 360

Forza Horizon




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Chris Jarvis

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Forza Horizon is an open-world take on the Xbox 360-only racing series and features an incredible amount of cars, terrain and detail.

Some games are clearly designed for those who love cars and motor details as well as the driving as racing. Forza Horizon promises to fit into that category nicely with a huge amount of vehicles which can be viewed lovingly in the showroom before selection.

As well as the huge amount of detail in its vehicles, Forza Horizon promises a huge amount of terrain. I'm not sure I can name 65 different types of racing surface, but Forza Horizon has them.

A nice challenge feature in Forza Horizon is the Speed Trap mode. Speed Cameras are dotted around various points in the Forza Horizon world and there is a challenge to log the fastest speed on each of them. Best speeds can be uploaded and compared online and with friends.

There is Kinect support as well, through voice control of the in-car GPS system.

Forza Horizon is now available for the Xbox 360.

Guest review by Chris Jarvis

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