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Motion Sports Adrenaline 360 Kinect News

16/08/2011 Specialist Reporting Gamer News
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Motion Sports Adrenaline 360 Kinect

Motion Sports Adrenaline

360 Kinect



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Motion Sports Adrenaline will extend it's Kinect rendering of hardcore sporting action. Like the original, this looks like an unusually realistic game in the Kinect cannon.

Motion Sports was one of my favourite Kinect launch titles. It combined realistic visuals and gameplay with the Kinect controller that felt much more convincing than other third party games. It also included a wide range of activities for all the family from Horse Riding, Hang Gliding and Football.

Motion Sports Adrenaline follows the original with a set of more extreme sports. While this doesn't offer the same range of experience as the first game, a more focused version of the Motion Sports approach to Kinect gameplay is an attractive offer.

Adrenaline offers eight extreme sports ranging from Wing suit sky diving, Mountain biking, Rock climbing, Kayaking to Parkour. It also sees the return of the very successful Skiing activity in the form of Extreme Ski.

Perhaps the biggest failing of the original was a lack of substantial multiplayer modes. Motion Sports Adrenaline again touts a four player party mode, but the real question is how well it will support simultaneous (rather than turn taking) multiplayer. Talk of co-operate and competitive modes for friends and family sound promising.

Although there isn't any online multiplayer planned there are online challenges and features. In light of this shortcoming, courses can be populated by recorded performances of your online friends - which is a nice touch. You can also take on and set online challenges with your friends as you participate in each event.

PlayStation Move has been launched since the original Motion Sports came out. Motion Sports Adrenaline will also be available on Sony's motion controlled platform. Interestingly though it will not be coming to the Wii, something that speaks of the importance placed on visual realism in the series.

Motions Sports Adrenaline is due for release on 7th October on Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move.

Written by Paul Govan

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