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Your Shape Fitness Evolved 360 Kinect News

15/06/2010 Specialist Reporting Gamer News
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Your Shape Fitness Evolved 360 Kinect

Your Shape Fitness Evolved

360 Kinect



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Your Shape Fitness Evolved makes convincing use of the 360's Kinetic controller.

Your Shape Fitness Evolved is the next game in the Your Shape series. After the previous Wii version and it's packed in camera, Evolved supports the 360's Kinect camera to track movements as well as picture you in the game.

Players interact with the game via hand gestures and voice commands. But most impressive is the silhouette of the player on the screen. The outline and movement mechanics are tracked in this way to offer in-routine feedback and adjustments.

Seeing the game in action was a marked step forward from previous DVD-like fitness games that made use of a camera. Having the player's frame on screen as the game visually analysed their skeletal positioning and accuracy is really impressive.

Players complete a fitness test at the outset that enables the game to set and track appropriate goals. In addition Michael George - celebrity fitness trainer - and Michelle Bridges - of The Biggest Loser - will both offer workout classes when the game launches.

The range of activities includes ball games, balance games and hula-hoop. The mini games support turn-based multiplayer mode so players can challenge friends and family.

Written by Paul Govan

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