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Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle 3DS News

04/11/2010 Specialist Reporting Gamer News
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Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle 3DS

Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle




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Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle leverages the usual winning formula, only now it's sprinkled with high fidelity visuals and a genuine depth of field.

Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle adds another English translation to the iconic series. The first 3DS version focuses more on finesse than innovation. The Mask of Miracle maintains the familiar approach, aesthetic and setting as you embark on a mystery in a bustling European city.

Although the developers have restrained themselves from fiddling too much, Layton benefits from the 3D engine of Nintendo's next generation handheld. Scrolling the map around with the stylus is such a charming experience I spent as much time cooing over the 3D buildings as I did looking for the next puzzle.

I'm interesting to discover whether the extra dimension will open the door for new interactions and puzzles further on in the game. The level I played was simply reconstructing a robot from its constituent parts, and could have been from any of the DS Layton games.

As with the 3D map, the interstitial cartoons benefit from the 3DS effect. The cell shaded art style combines with a sense of depth to make Layton and Luke look more like a pop-up book than flat cartoon.

No release date has been announced for Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle, I'll keep you posted.

Written by Paul Govan

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