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07/07/2010 Specialist Reporting Gamer News
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Pop Island Paperfield DSi-Ware

Pop Island Paperfield




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Pop Island: Paperfield updates an undiscovered multiplayer gem. Pop Island is a fully fledged capture the flag game squeezed into a miniature 3D world. Best of all though is that with one copy eight can play together with either DSs and DSis.

Pop Island: Paperfield follows up the original Pop Island DSi-ware game with three new maps and four new units. What's more, if you have the original Pop Island DSi-ware game, buying Paperfield will add the new maps and units back into the first game as well.

Like the original, it's capture the flag in a fast and furious 3d world. Each team has eigth players and each unit you choose to control has its own characteristics.

The highlight is that with just one copy of the game you can play over Wi-Fi with upto seven other players - on either an original DS or DSi.

Like the games of the 16-bit era, Pop Island creates hilliariously frantic gameplay that also manages to preserve the need for real tactics.

Written by Paul Govan

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