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Dance Dance Revolution PS3 Move News

30/11/2010 Specialist Reporting Gamer News
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Dance Dance Revolution PS3 Move

Dance Dance Revolution

PS3 Move



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DanceDanceRevolution finally comes to PS3 and Wii, albeit in a rather transformed style. If Konami can marshal the various motion controlled additions into a coherent experience it should be an engaging and challenging addition to the iconic series.

It seems strange to say it, but DanceDanceRevolution is about to arrive on the PlayStation 3 for the first time. Perhaps it took the innovative Move controllers to tempt Konami to release an update for the next game (ed: now current gen) hardware.

The new PS3 Move and Wii versions adopt controls that complement the usual dance mat with arm tracking. The combination of mat and controller means that actions from both the upper and lower body are now tracked through the dances.

The danger here is that it will overload the already complex and demanding Dance Dance Revolution formula. As you track moves with your feet the Move or Wii-mote/Nun-chuck controller directs a ball of light appears on screen and must be pointed at the correct area as instructed. You can also vary on-screen visuals and aesthetics with the gestures that add choreography to the foot stepping gameplay.

The challenge for the game on both Wii and PS3 is to progress from its previous staccato rhythm action gameplay to something more flowing. With Just Dance 2 and a clutch of Kinect dance games like Dance Central doing just that there is a lot more competition in the dancing genre than when Dance Dance Revolution first burst into arcades.

New game modes should be a step in the right direction though. Dance Off has two players taking turns to score highest on a particular dance routine. Club mode is aimed at die-hard DanceDanceRevolution fans, where they can play over and over again in marathon session.

The UK track list is yet to be finalised, but here is the US track list which we suspect will be quite similar (ed: if not identical).

Dance Dance Revolution PS3/Wii US Track Listing

According to You              Orianthi
Animal                        Ke$ha
Bad Romance                   Lady Gaga
Battlefield                   Jordin Sparks
Celebration                   Kool and the Gang
crushcrushcrush               Paramore
Dancing in the Street         Martha and the Vandellas
Hey, Soul Sister              Train
I Got You                     Leona Lewis
I'm Yours                     Jason Mraz
Love Like This                Natasha Bedingfield
Love Shack                    The B-52's
Missing                       Everything But The Girl
My Life Would Suck Without    Kelly Clarkson
Need You Now                  Lady Antebellum
Plastic Beach                 Gorillaz (feat. Mick Jones & Paul Simonon)
Rio                           Duran Duran
So Fine                       Sean Paul
Venus                         Bananarama
We Are Family                 Sister Sledge

Written by Paul Govan

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