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18/09/2010 Specialist Reporting Gamer News
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Create Nintendo Wii


Nintendo Wii


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Create is game construction made simple. The Wii-mote's pointing, a super simple design and colourful visuals make this appealing to families looking for a different way to spend rainy afternoons.

Little Big Planet is great fun, and so flexible. But it takes a long time to really understand it - never mind make a game. EA's new Create game offers a similar experience with a simpler remit and intuitive Wii controls.

Like the PS3 game, the player is slowly granted access to rewards, challenges and new things to put in their games. EA Create encourages you to create cool environments with easy tools, including animating objects and textures.

Create comes packed in with 100 challenges to get you started. But these are just start. It's not until you start putting your own games together that the real fun begins.

It wasn't until I saw Created that I realised what a high-end game Little Big Planet is, and how few casual gamers actually create games for it. Create is probably the reverse.

Written by Paul Govan

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