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We Sing Robbie Williams Wii News

29/10/2010 Specialist Reporting Gamer News
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We Sing Robbie Williams Nintendo Wii

We Sing Robbie Williams

Nintendo Wii



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We Sing Robbie Williams adds kudos to the already impressive singing game. Four player modes and fine tuning remind us why We Sing stands out from the other karaoke games on the Wii.

We Sing Robbie Williams spices up the We Sing formula with an injection of the Rock DJ. It continues the series' unique selling point of enabling four players to sing simultaneously. Other titles like Rock Band, Sing It and even Sing Star only offer two tracks to sing at once.

The game can be purchased with a couple of packed in Microphones, but happily also supports any USB Microphones, like those from Sing It, High School Musical 3, Guitar Hero and Rock Band, via its integrated USB hub.

It also supports an array of more hardcore singing features like turning off lyrics and adjusting the singing guide to account for TV lag. Combined with the four player option and We Sing continues to lead the field technically with how to deliver a singing experience.

As well as Solo, Party and Karaoke modes We Sing Robbie Williams offers singing lessons and performance awards for single and multi-player games. Add to this the Party Mode's We Sing, Versus, Group Battle, Pass The Mic, First to X, Marathon, Blind and Expert for a comprehensive package.

We Sing Robbie Williams features 26 iconic songs from Mr Williams each supported with a music video.

Year 	Song                 Album
1997 	Old Before I Die     Life Thru A Lens
1997 	Angels               Life Thru A Lens
1998 	Let Me Entertain You Life Thru A Lens
1998 	No Regrets           I've Been Expecting You
1999 	Strong               I've Been Expecting You
1999 	She's The One        I've Been Expecting You
2000 	Rock DJ              Sing When You're Winning
2000 	Kids                 Sing When You're Winning
2000 	Supreme              Sing When You're Winning
2001 	Let Love Be Your Energy Sing When You're Winning
2001 	The Road To Mandalay Sing When You're Winning
2001 	Eternity             Sing When You're Winning
2001 	Somethin' Stupid     Swing When You're Winning
2001 	Beyond The Sea       Swing When You're Winning
2002 	Mr Bojangles         Swing When You're Winning
2002 	Feel                 Escapology
2003 	Come Undone          Escapology
2003 	Something Beautiful  Escapology
2003 	Sexed Up             Escapology
2004 	Radio                Greatest Hits
2005 	Tripping             Intensive Care
2005 	Advertising Space    Intensive Care
2009 	Bodies               Reality Killed The Video Star
2009 	You Know Me          Reality Killed The Video Star
2009 	Morning  Sun         Reality Killed The Video Star
2010    Shame                In and Out of Consciousness: The Greatest Hits 1990-2010

We Sing Robbie Williams is released for Wii on 12th November.

Written by Paul Govan

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