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01/03/2011 Thinking Game People Podcast
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Demon's Souls PS3

Demon's Souls




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Demon's Souls PS3 is a hard master many of us love. We take it to task in our podcast this week.

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Welcome back to the Game People podcast, my name is Paul Govan and I write the Family Gamer Section. Today I'm joined by Alex Beech, Jon Seddon and Sinan Kubba.

We'll be talking about the game in detail so be aware we may give a few things away if you've not finished it yet.

Videogame Podcast Guests

Andy Robertson appears in this podcast. "Videogame reviews for the whole family, not just the kids. I dig out videogame experiences to intrigue and interest grownups and children. This is post-hardcore gaming where accessibility, emotion and storytelling are as important as realism, explosions and bravado."

Sinan Kubba appears in this podcast. "As an 80s kid I was obsessed with gaming. But university, stress and life relegated my hobby to the backseat. After years in the wilderness, I'm back into video games. I don't just want to play games that remind of a happy youth though. I'm just as excited about games that take things forward, experiences that re-ignite that curiosity and fascination I had years ago."

Jon Seddon appears in this podcast. "Dress-up is the door to a world of make believe and theatre. I review games that let me escape my world and take on a myriad of roles. I love games that emphasise my character and the choices I can make - whether I am merely outfitting them for the fight or choosing which of my crew to save."

Alex Beech appears in this podcast. "Games connect us to exhilaration in various ways. I love mine to scare me. Although the shock, horror and gore are all pretty unnerving, nothing comes close to the sweaty palms of playing games that take you to ridiculously high places - InFamous, Mirror's Edge and Uncharted to name a few."

Here's what we have written about Demon's Souls:

Dark Souls has plenty of dramatic challenges to test adventurers, but it also has a more contemplative side. From its murky, disease-ridden depths to its radiant halls, the hidden corners of the microcosm reveal a rich, many-layered story to those willing to seek it out. The world is decaying -- full of overgrown ruins and abandoned buildings -- but it remains compelling and vivid... read now

Fri, 23 Mar 2012 Loading comments...

Dark Souls is game that masters fully grown men. My conflicted juvinile state makes me far too easy a subject to dominate, maybe I just need to turn it off and do something more grownup instead... read now

Thu, 05 Jan 2012 Loading comments...

Dark Souls is marketed almost entirely on the premise that it is difficult. There's actually a lot more to it and I found that the most difficulty thing wasn't the gameplay itself... read now

Sun, 04 Dec 2011 Loading comments...

Dark Souls asks if you are hardcore, then sets about proving you wrong. Returning to games after so long away, it was refreshing to be reminded days when hardcore was a label you had to earn... read now

Fri, 21 Oct 2011 Loading comments...

Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll is a solid blend of hack-n-slash and role-playing, but lacks vibrancy. It's a promising fairy tale which spreads its minimal story far too thin... read now

Sat, 02 Jul 2011 Loading comments...

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