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Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 360 Review

28/10/2009 Artistic Poetic Gamer Review
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Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 360

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2



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Here's a poem a wriote while playing, Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2.

When I was a kid, a while ago yes,
I loved playing games but must confess.
I craved all the ones with multiple foes,
Where button bashing delivered big blows.

The turtles would kick footsoldiers in the head,
Double dragon used crowbars to kill their foes dead.
Final fight used their fists and their feet and their head.
So why do I now find myself filled with dread?

With Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2,
The samurai game with a twist or two.
The swords are lasers, and youíre in a suit
Made of metal and such, with guns that shoot.

As a kid I am sure Iíd have loved this game,
But right now the game play feels rather tame.
There are hundreds of enemies all easy to kill,
And when youíve hit enough, you take the hill.

You command areas and then face a boss,
Iím really quite bored, and at quite a loss,
So what I should say? I donít want to be mean
Is the game really bad or is it just me?

The Kid me would have loved this simple play style,
But old me needs substance to make this worthwhile.
And lets not forget thereís a series of these,
Dynasty, Gundam and Orochi oh please!

Even the nostalgia of games gone by,
Wonít save this franchise, I want it to die!
And move on, the world has, and so should you.
Retro is cool, but donít pass it off as new.

Repetitive, annoying, and so in conclusion
If you are a kid ignore my intrusion.
This isnít for me, letís hope itís for you
Goodbye and good riddance Gundam Warriors 2!

Written by Ali Ellis

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