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Portal 360 Review

15/10/2009 Artistic Poetic Gamer Review
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Portal 360




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Here's a poem a wrote while playing, Portal.

I love a puzzle game.
The hardcore ones that are not lame.
They make you think, theyíre never tame.
I love a puzzle game.

I love a shooting game.
You blast your way through rates of frame,
Spy a foe and take good Aim,
I love a shooting game.

I love this puzzle game
One where you shoot to further gain,
Access to the puzzle mainframe
I love this puzzle game.

I hate this scary voice,
At first all nice but then by choice,
She turns evil, I donít rejoice.
I hate this scary voice.

I hate is foul addiction.
I canít stop playing, itís causing friction,
Two genres causing contradiction.
I hate this foul addiction.

I hate this Puzzle game.
Itís way too hard, I now lay claim,
This game will end and Iíll Proclaim
I Tamed this puzzle game

Written by Ali Ellis

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Ali Ellis writes the Poetic Gamer column.

"Welcome to my poetic reivews, where we find out what happens when poetry and prose meets videogames."

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