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Pure PS3 Review

11/10/2008 Specialist Race Gamer Review
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Pure PS3




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After a run of average games of late I was really in need of something to re-inspire me in the world of game play. Pure arrived on my desk with the promise of adrenaline filled four wheel madness in the shape of racing quad bikes which do stunts, to be honest if this doesn't do it nothing will!

First impressions are instantly good with a decent dose of surround sound and visual stimuli we've come to expect in a game intro these days. I have to say I thought the surround sound in this game was good and worthy of a special mention.

Once into the menus you are whisked quickly into play with the normal rounds of getting you used to the controls and teaching you the basics. Thankfully this is quite easy to master and very soon we were into the game proper.

The game is very much like Motorstorm but is somehow slightly easier to control.

Here you get to build, paint and tweak your own ATV which you will improve later as you win extra parts and upgrades throughout the game. The feel of the game is very much like Motorstorm but is somehow slightly easier to control. The graphics are excellent and not glitchy at all and the scenery is suitably impressive and expansive.

The stunt pulling element of the game is simple yet effective and adds real interest to the game, with race games and stunt pulling freestyle rounds to test your skills. If you crash you don't die for too long either which was well received by me. Nothing worse than spending ages waiting for the gameplay to resume after a crash. All in all I have to say I was hooked from the minute I pulled my first decent air.

The more I played the more I realised I was experiencing deja vue! I spent quite a bit of time, a number of years ago, playing the SSX snowboarding series of games on PS2. The gameplay of Pure was almost identical in design to what was one of my all time favourite games, so I guess it was no real surprise I was enjoying myself. It is basically the same game - just with an ATV instead of a snowboard...and that is not a criticism.

It's a game you can happily pick up for fifteen minutes and have a blast.

So we have here, in my book, a winning formula. Graphics and scenery from Motorstorm, gameplay from SSX snowboarding with a bit of vehicle tweaking to keep you busy between levels. Lovely.

For me the added challenge of performing stunts whilst racing is what keeps this game alive. The racing alone would be good and a stunt performing game would be fun, but the combination of both is addictive and takes the game to a higher level of playability. I guess it is not just a good game it is a great game, it's a game you can happily pick up for fifteen minutes and have a blast or involving enough to spend an evening working through the levels. Certainly worthy of your hard earned cash in my opinion.

Written by Jon Starkey

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