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Carisma 1/14 Mercedes vs 6yr Old

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It was fr fr freezing over the weekend, but after Wednesday's photo shoot with the GT14 SLR GT Mercedes Benz, I couldn't resist dusting of the dimiunative Radio Controlled car and taking my lad out for a play.

We had loads of play value this afternoon from the Merc. The car is the tiny silver dot in middle of car park - it was too fast for the iPhone camera!

The car took a hammering at the hands of Sam (6.5yrs). I was worried: He'd only ever driven one with standard two stick controller, but made the transition to wheel controller in minutes. After my tentative driving the previous day is was tense but exciting 20 minute to watch Sam gleefully drive it up skate ramps and then abruptly straight off the side. The GT14 Merc landing hard on its body shell from what must have been 3ft up. The car is tougher than it looks, it survived undamaged.

The underside is smattered with long scars and scuffs - running this low to the ground has its consequences in the gritty and stoney real world. But apart from this the GT14 SLR GT Mercedes Benz is still going strong.

The overall package is really well designed as well. Not just the driving experience by other nice little touchs. The spare body clips built in to the underside of the shell are a great example of htis attention to detail and really thoughtful.

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Written by Rupert Stelling

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Rupert Stelling writes the Radio Controlled Gamer column.

"Having grown up racing Tamiya radio and remote controlled cars and trucks I was keen to get my kids started on the same hobby. Here, I share my R/C reviews and guides to getting started in this electric and petrol powered world."

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