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Carisma 1/14 R/C Spares Blog

Carisma 1/14 R/C Spares

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Our Carisma 1/14th R/C club has been an education for many reasons. But I have benefited most from skills and enthusiasm from other Carisma radio controlled racers.

Recently I managed to break a hard-to-find piece of my car - an ill-advised collision with the hall's fire extinguisher. I soon realised I wasn't going to be able to buy a replacement piece anytime soon - stocking problems mainly - but another club member offered his home crafting skills.

James set to work making me a custom own part out of aluminium. Before the following week the part was fabricated and I was back in the race. It's something I couldn't have achieved myself so I was really chuffed to get this support.

As our club grows each week so do the range of skills we encompass. Another of our members has become a real eBay hound for cheap and rare Carisma parts. 1/14th being a new scale of radio controlled car the bits can be hard to find. Tim is invaluable for finding such gems as servos pin-tyres for our polished track and a whole array of body shells.

Another of the guys turned up last week with some massive rope - from a friend's boatyard it seems - that is idea for protecting the cars from further breakages and creates a great back hairpin.

It's all becoming pretty inspiring and a lot of fun. It won't be long before we move from bi-weekly to weekly meetings I think.

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Written by Rupert Stelling

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"Having grown up racing Tamiya radio and remote controlled cars and trucks I was keen to get my kids started on the same hobby. Here, I share my R/C reviews and guides to getting started in this electric and petrol powered world."

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