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Hunting R/C Carisma Parts on EBay

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Hunting R/C Carisma Parts on EBay Blog

Hunting R/C Carisma Parts on EBay

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It's Sunday night, the racing is finished for the evening. I did okay tonight, the first races on the shiny wood floor were great but we then rolled out the carpet and I struggled to adjust - being beaten and even lapped several times.

It's become my weekly habit to search EBay for Carisma spares and upgrades for the next session. Some automatic searches alert me when people list something of interest.

You can set this up quite simply, go into my EBay and type "Carisma" into the search bar, then you will need to find the correct category (on the left hand side chose toys and games). Once you have done that you can click the "Save this search" link and "Alert me later" and it will then email you when anything gets added.

There are some other tricks to find R/C Carisma items that are not listed correctly. Add in terms like "R14" "GT14" "M14" and "1:14" and you can turn up some real gems. I also search for the American version of the GT14, it was branded as the "Sportwerks Recoil" - although the wheel base is slightly shorter than the UK Carisma the majority of the parts move between the two and the recoil holds its own against the more expensive GT14.

The GamePeople Carisma club mainly races Carisma GT14s ideal as they come with 2.4ghz systems that mean we can all race without interference. We have helped some newcomers get started with some cheaper versions.

Examples on EBay include a new Ford Focus Shell, a very nice Merc body shell, a slightly used 2.4ghz BMW, and a rare Carisma Pro Car.

As new members get up to speed there are a lot of hop-up enhancement parts that can, for a small price, increase the performance of your Carisma R/C car. These include a stiffer Upper Deck a Head and Tail Light set or some new Shocks.

I was lucky enough to find two people who were selling all their spares, and have ended up with a box full of bits, lots of wheels, some electrics, and lots of bits I do not even know what they are. Goes to show it is well worth hunting around.

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Written by Rupert Stelling

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"Having grown up racing Tamiya radio and remote controlled cars and trucks I was keen to get my kids started on the same hobby. Here, I share my R/C reviews and guides to getting started in this electric and petrol powered world."

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