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Carisma GT14 MK2 MK1 Comparison

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Carisma GT14 MK2 MK1 Comparison Blog

Carisma GT14 MK2 MK1 Comparison

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Having become accustomed to the ups and downs of our Carisma GT14 1/14th Radio Controlled cars it was with a little trepidation we heard about a Mark 2 version of the chassis.

But the rather than a complete overhaul making our knowledge of repair and handling redundant, the MK2 GT14 is more of an iterative improvement.

The first noticeable change is a new Mk2 Steering System that you can see below this has been completely redesigned - both the pinion and the steering arm. This promises to eliminate some of the issues with servo clipping that led to burning out the steering motor. This also looks to offer greater movement for a tighter turning arc.

The carbon fibre Chassis and Top Deck have both been remolded and eliminate the need for a vent hole for the motor. This should not only avoid fingers straying onto hot metal, but also reduce ware and tear on pro motors. As you can see the chassis has a new squarer shape. Not as obvious is that it that there are two extra sections that now flank the front and rear wishbones. This combines with an adjuster screw to enable you to dfine the ride height and suspension movement with greater accuracey.

Underneath a combination of alum key bolts and screws are used and look to offer more secure and flush fixing of the standard parts - such as the front and rear differential.

There are a range of other adjustments to tighten up the design all round. The battery housing for instance now only has the (universally preferred) rear placement - rather than the forward or back options of the MK1. The top chassis deck is also now in one piece to provide greater stability.

Other specifications remain the same:

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Written by Rupert Stelling

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