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Carisma GT14 Tinkering

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Carisma GT14 Tinkering Blog

Carisma GT14 Tinkering

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Plenty of tea, a kitchen table and all manner of Carisma R/C cars to fix, tweak and setup. It was an evening for our Radio Controlled car club that turned out to be almost as much fun as actually racing.

A combination of new parts to fit (like the Carisma LED Lighting System), cars to setup (Brushless Carisma Mk2 for example) and running repairs had become too much to fit into the available time between our Carisma racing meets. There is only so much you can get done between weekly meetings.

We decided to meet up over Christmas for an evening of fixing, fitting and tweaking. Not only did this give us more time to really nail our car's setup, it also meant we could pool our knowledge in an effort to solve the various niggles, faults and repairs that track side attention was unable to address.

Judging by the amount of beer and snacks consumed and the lateness of our departure back home, the evening was a success. By the end, between us we had salvaged a car for a newcomer (ed: not cut and shut I hope), setup an LED Light System, Adjusted a Differential Slipper, replaced a Twitchy Servo and assembled a Brushless Carisma Mk2 car.

We'll be racing again next week, but we've decided that these kitchen table sessions should be a regular feature in our R/C Club calendar.

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Written by Rupert Stelling

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