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GT14 1/14th R/C Car Carisma Review

21/01/2010 Specialist Radio Controlled Gamer Review
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GT14 1/14th R/C Car Carisma

GT14 1/14th R/C Car



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The radio controlled Carisma GT14 cars are 1/14th 4WD Electric GT cars. Their size, speed and compact design make this ideal for the new hobbyist, but a little too much to handle as a toy. Needing some careful driving and a smooth flat running surface make these radio controlled cars both a joy and a challenge for budding professional racers.

What type of R/C car is this?

These Ferrari FXX and Mercedes Benz road cars from Carisma are smaller than the more common 1/10th cars. Their 1/14th size makes them more compact and lighter - offering more speed for the same power. They are 4WD although still under-steer and drift at high speed, and need to be driven on flat smooth surfaces.

Alternatives are:

Options and expansion

The GT14 cars come with a well finished body shell for a variety of GT cars. The chassis is common through the range and can accept any of the other bodies.

Underneath, the chassis features high spec ball-raced shaft drive, threaded shocks, slipper, diffs and twin deck chassis. Although this is already pre-built and the smaller scale means only bespoke parts can be used, you can adjust shocks, slipper and general trim of each car.

The GT14s come with batteries, receiver and servos pre-installed. The radio gear is of the newer 2.4ghz type that eliminates the need for old style crystals. This is more expensive that the crystal based kits but by using digital coded transmissions it enables multiple cars to be run at the same time without any worry of interference from other driver's radio systems. Each car is effectively bound to a particular controller.

Time and difficulty to build

These Carisma GT14 4WD road cars come fully built. You can apply additional trim such as windscreen wipers and additional stickers that are provided in the box. Apart from this though, you simply need to put the provided batteries in the controller and plug in the battery to charge for a couple of hours.

Build Quality

The build of these Carisma GT14 4WD Electric GT cars is solid. The lower deck of the chassis is carbon fibre and adds a lightweight rigidity to the build. Although there is a large foam bumper at the front, the smaller scale and greater speed does make them feel a little more vulnerable to mistreatment.

They survived my road test pretty well, but we did wonder if they had this sort of treatment day-in day-out how long they would last. This made me feel that these cars are more suited to the hobbyist rather than casual racer.

Driving Experience

The driving experience is where these Carisma GT14 Electric cars come up trumps. They are just so fast in a straight line. This in turn introduces all sorts of fun in persuading them round a track. As you turn into a corner you are hit by a dramatic under-steer as all four wheels struggle to apply the required direction. Then, as you power off a little you swing into over-steer as the 4WD finds its voice again.

This results in some wonderfully balletic moments haring around a circuit. It also makes for some real touring car action. A gentle nudge to the back of an opponents car is enough to destabilise and send them spinning. A handful of these in enough flat space and a clearly marked course is some of the best R/C fun you will find.


The Carisma GT14's smaller scale and open under carriage makes them a little more likely to pick up muck. Run them on an outside, wet, or muddy surface and you will need to attend to some careful and drying cleaning afterwards.

While the body shell will simply wipe down, the internals really need a brush and cloth to clean them up.


The GT14 Mercedes Benz and Ferrari FXX are simply packed with fun for the would be professional radio controlled racer. Their smaller scale, mismatched with ridiculous power makes them more than a handful for even experienced drivers. Whether a stepping stone to self-built professional kits, or simply as a distraction in their own right, these are simply wonderful (grownup) toys.

Written by Rupert Stelling

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