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Sprint 2 Flux HPI Review

24/02/2010 Specialist Radio Controlled Gamer Review
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Sprint 2 Flux HPI

Sprint 2 Flux



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This Ford Mustang version of the HPI Sprint 2 Flux R/C car is not cheap, but delivers quality and speed by the bucket load. Straight out of the box you can feel the quality, and first time on the road you will be laughing in fear at the sheer speed of the thing.

What type of R/C car is this?

This is a ready to race 4 Wheel Drive Brushless Motor powered Ford Mustang GT-R in their entry level Sprint 2 Flux range. But this is entry level to professional racing, rather than entry level for hobbyist R/C driving - the Sprint 2 Flux is scarily fast and could do some serious damage to both architecture and driver.

HPI Racing reputation has been build on strong design, customer service and product support not to mention some very exciting cars since 1986. Following up from the original Sprint 2002 R/C car this new Sprint 2 Flux brushless version improves the experience in terms of durability, handling, power and speed.

Options and expansion

Out of the box the Sprint 2 Flux is ideal for those wanting to get serious about R/C racing. It also has everything you need you need to be competitive on most racetracks - fully adjustable suspension, with control over pro settings like camber, caster, toe in, ride height, ackerman and springs. You need to invest some time to get it set-up right, but when you the performance will justify the effort.

You can hop up your Sprint 2 Flux in various ways, both for aesthetics and performance. Go for a new body shell from HPI's wide range, or maybe some HPI wheels with high traction tires. Or spend a little more and dig into the wide range of parts for the Sprint 2 Flux!

Time and difficulty to build

Being a Ready to Race kit, there is almost no assembly required. If you can manage threading an aerial wire through the plastic support you should be fine. This simplicity to build is no reflection of performance though. In fact first time R/C drivers with money to burn should think twice before investing here - it is simply a lot to handle and needs a big track to race on.

Build Quality

The Sprint 2 Flux feels like a solid piece of engineering. Although the chassis is nylon rather than carbon fibre, its reinforced design is suitably rigid. This, along with the big foam front bumper look like enough to withstand most collisions on the track.

This is until you see the Sprint 2 Flux moving. It simply goes so fast, that (like a Volvo) if it doesn't break itself on impact, whatever it hits is going to be toast. Hopefully this is just other cars or street furniture rather than flesh and bones.

The fully ball raced, dual belt 4 wheel drive transmission with only one geared step (48dpi motor pinion to spur gear) is really efficient and delivers all the power of the brushless electric motor straight to the deck - with military like precision that is a little scary to say the least.

Driving Experience

The first time i took this out for a spin was in an enclosed space that I realised instantly was too small. The Sprint 2 Flux is simply the fastest electric R/C car I've seen. Something about the sheer bite of all that power, the quieter brushless motor along with the belt drive system give it a real animal growl.

At first this is a little off putting, there's just too much power to handle. But once you put some hours in understanding how to get the most out of the machine, it starts to become much more fun. Although this is often branded as an entry level car - you need to realise that means entry level for very serious R/C car racers.


Provided you keep away from wet races, and stick to the tarmac, the Sprint 2 Flux has you covered for maintenance. The sealed gear differentials, rubber sealed ball bearings on the axles, strong and flexible poly shell and brushless motor means that there should be almost no post-race work except a wipe down.


This is a solidly built, incredibly smooth and fast R/C car. It's aimed at those with some money who want to get a leg up into professional racing. Provided that's what you're after it's ideal. Real newcomers will be better served by a more conservative, and cheaper first R/C car though.

Written by Rupert Stelling

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