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Diego's Wolf Pup Rescue PC Review

30/01/2009 Family Returning Gamer Review
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Diego's Wolf Pup Rescue PC

Diego's Wolf Pup Rescue



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It is possible to get these games at real knock down prices currently, sold separately also but ours came in a handy box set. My eldest daughter was 4 and a half at the time of writing and like most kids these days has grown up with Dora and Diego.

Dora is her version of my Bod, Bagpuss (new series coming I hear), Jamie and the Magic Torch and Mr Ben. My daughter has been using a PC in some form or other from the age of around 10 months but really enjoyed having her first game to slot into the CD drive and install. Although once installed it is on your pc until deletion - she still insists on putting the CD in each time she plays.

These titles are playable by children unassisted from the age of 3. The creators have handily provided additional level difficulties, I would suggest the easy level for 3 year olds, medium is for early 4 to 5 year olds and difficult is for 6 years on.

I would suggest aiming this one at slightly younger children.

Diego's Wolf Pup Rescue is set in the rainforest and we are tasked with helping him rescue a lone puppy lost out in the Jungle somewhere. In order to achieve this players need to solve the relevant puzzles and tasks thrown at us assisted by Diego's Cousin Dora.

We also need to rescue Pygmy Marmosets with Booboos - something that makes more sense once you are in front of the game. The games offered here were a lot easier than Dora's World Adventure PC and it doesn't take nearly as long to complete. I couldn't help but think about the games on offer when I was that age - pretty much limited to Space Invaders and Tennis on the Atari console. My daughter would exclaim - not yet, I've not completed it - whenever we tried to suggest moving onto another activity!

Will significantly assist your youngsters development.

Diego is not quite difficult enough to inspire more than a handful of plays. But this said, it is still well worth a go if you can get it at a discount. I would suggest aiming this one at slightly younger children - 2 to early 4 year olds. On the whole both games give a pleasing and rewarding experience and will significantly assist your youngsters development.

Written by Sinan Kubba

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