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16/11/2011 Artistic Scripted Gamer Podcast
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In today's instalment Fred talks Bob down from a fear of spiders in XBLA's Limbo.

Confused? Listen to the Scripted Gamer Pilot episode to meet our reviewers and hear how it all started that fateful day.

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Scene: Bob and Fred are sat on a sofa with two Xbox 360 controllers. Bob is hiding behind the sofa.

Fred: Bob, hello Bob, you here?

Bob: Shhhhhhhhhhh.

Fred: What the? Why are you behind the sofa.

Bob: Shhhhhhhhhhhh it might come back.

Fred: What might come back?

Bob: The giant spider!

Fred: Giant spider, what are you talki... Oh hang on, I think I now where this is coming from. Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to scripted gamer. Today's game is on Xbox live arcade: Limbo

Bob: Arghhhhhhhhh.

Fred: It's a dark, black and white, almost silent, atmospheric game in which you play a small boy who has to navigate his way through puzzles, monsters and all manor of creatures to find his lost sister.

Bob: There's a giant spider

Fred: Yes indeed there is a giant spider amongst other things, and the game is very unnerving.

Bob: You can say that again.

Fred: You know you can come out from behind the sofa, it's not real.

Bob: It felt real.

Fred: Normally I would mock you right now but I actually get what you're saying. You do get sucked into the game and before you know it hours will have passed, and the fact that you play a little boy, and the things that can happen are quite disturbing

Bob: You can understand how it may be scary to someone

Fred: With your mental age

Bob: Oi!

Fred: So this is definitely not a child's game and even though there is an option to turn off the more disturbing parts I still wouldn't recommend it to a younger audience

Bob: Definitely not

Fred: But the game is unique and really sets up a great game play experience, the plot bare as it is leaves you wanting more and the ending leaves it open to a co-op sequel, maybe of the likes of Ico?

Bob: Ico! I Knew this reminded me of something

Fred: And you loved Ico

Bob: Yeah, but it scared me too!

Fred: Bob.

Bob: Yeah...

Fred: Boo!

Bob: Ahhhh!

Fred: That felt really good.

Bob: You're a cruel man you know that.

Fred: We've been the scripted gamers, goodnight!

Written by Adam Moran

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Adam Moran writes the Scripted Gamer column.

"Here, we find out what happens when theatre meets videogames. We will soon be hitting the road and performing our review scripts infront of a real living audience."

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