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12/12/2009 Artistic Scripted Gamer Podcast
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Wallace and Gromit: Fright of the Bumblebees 360

Wallace and Gromit: Fright of the Bumblebees



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In todays instalment Bob and Fred our intrepid duo the scripted gamers have a Frightful time in the cracking land of Wallace and Gromit. Where mime is the word of the day and charades is the game that they play.

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Scene: An empt stage except for a sofa and two game controllers.

Fred: Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the show, I’m Fred.

Bob is silent but looks up and smiles at the audience.

Fred: (pause) umm and this is Bob. Who umm is surprisingly quiet today?

Bob smiles at Fred then smiles at audience, then looks and motions towards the games controllers.

Fred: oh, I see what you’re doing. It’s quite clever actually. Well Today we’re going to be having a grand adventure.

Bob claps his hands excitedly.

Fred: Indeed, thrilling isn’t it! We’ve been playing the first of the four Wallace and Gromit Adventures. Episode one is entitled Fright of the bumblebees.

Bob makes a ‘ooh I’m scared’ motion at the audience.

Fred: and if you haven’t guessed Bob has decided to do the show silently, in homage to Gromit.

Bob nods frantrically.

Fred: Which is nice as I’ll be able to get a word in edgeways for once.

Bob looks not amused.

Fred: Now I don’t know how many of you even remember point and click games

Bob raises his hand

Fred: yes I know that you do! But this is basically a reinvention of those old classics like monkey island.

Bob gets up and starts running around like a monkey.

Fred: I can’t believe that even when you’re not talking you’re still incessantly annoying.

Bob gives a smug look to audience.

Fred: so the rules are essentially this: Find an object and either join it with another object or use it correctly with a piece of furniture and you can then progress. The dialogue is typical Wallace and Gromit and it really captures the humour of the series.

Bob waves to get Freds attention.

Fred: yes, do you wish to contribute?

Bob nods and starts a game of charades.

Fred: ok ummm two words.

Bob nods and shows 2 fingers.

Fred: second word.

Bob motions the games controller.

Fred: ummm console, controller…Game game.

Bob nods frantically then hols up one finger and then tugs on his ear.

Fred: first word.. oh ummm sounds like.

Bob motions like he was breaking a piece of wood in two.

Fred: ummm breaking…snapping.

Bob get agitated repeating the motion.

Fred: Bending?

Bob walks over and smacks Fred square in the face! Fred looks shocked and stunned.

Fred: (pause) sounds like smack.

Bob raises hand again.

Fred: smack..ing sounds like smacking , whacking, thwacking, Cracking! CRACKING!

Bob: Yes! Cracking game, y’know just like Wallace would say.

Fred: you hit me in the face.

Bob: umm yeah, only to illustrate the point,

Fred: you hit me in the face.

Bob: you weren’t getting it.

Fred: you HIT me in the face

Bob starts to head to the stage door.

Bob: so Fred just calm down, Fred, Well we’ve been the scripted gamers. And we really liked this game!

Fred chases Bob off stage. Two seconds later they re-emerge they run from one side of the stage to the other in comedy fashion.

Bob: I’ve been Bob.

Fred: and I’ve been Fred.

Bob: and hopefully I’ll see you again next time!

Both exit.

Written by Adam Moran

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