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07/09/2010 Artistic Scripted Gamer Podcast
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Wolverine Origins 360

Wolverine Origins



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In todays instalment Bob and Fred our scripted duo have been enjoying Wolverine, perhaps a little too much.

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Scene: A couch sits in the middle of the stage with two controllers on it. Bob is wearing some Styrofoam claws.

Bob: Schnickety schnickety slash slash slash.

Fred: (in his best David Attenborough voice) Here we see Geekus addictus in his natural habitat.


Fred: The Geekus is a rare breed that becomes obsessed with a character and attempts to imitate it. This Geekus has recently started to play the Wolverine: Origins on the Xbox 360. As you can see by his cry of anguish Geekus is not doing well.

Bob: I am the Wolverine.

Fred: No you're not.

Bob: YES I am! I have claws and everything.

Fred: Retract them then.

Bob: What?

Fred: Retract them. The real wolverine can retract his claws at will.

Bob: I can do that.

Fred: Prove it.

Bob: Ok...I will....What is that?

Fred: what is what? There's nothing...

Bob: Ha see told you I could retract them.

Fred: Really... So you didnít just rip them off then

Bob:uhh no!.

Fred: and youíre not standing on them now!

Bob: No

Fred: Ok then Pop them back out

Bob: (nervously) What?

Fred: Pop them back out.

Bob: I'm not your puppet, I will pop them out when I feel good and ready.

Fred: Is that what Wolverine would do?

Bob: I am Wolver...no that can't be right, he would have popped his claws, I mean I would have...I don't understand.

Fred: And as the Spell is broken...

Bob: Where am I?

Fred: Geekus returns to his former state of simply...Geek.

Bob: Oh hi Fred.

Fred: Hey Bob, what do you think of the new Wolverine game?

Bob: You know considering the fact that it's based on the movie and most movie to game conversions are uber cheese, this one is not bad at all.

Fred: You liked it then?

Bob: Oh yeah, it's like a mix between tomb raider and streets of rage. There's combo fights, puzzles to solve, and it's really gory too.

Fred: So not for kids then.

Bob: Noooee, only hardcore adults can tame this bad boy.

Fred: People like you then?

Bob: Oh yeah, I am hardcore.

Fred: Just like Wolverine

Bob: Just like....better than than just like.

Fred: Here we go again.

Bob: I am Wolverine!

As Bob prances about the stage mimicking claw action Fred turns to the audience

Fred: So if you want an immersive not half bad conversion, Wolverine may be worth a look, but be careful cos there's a bit of Geekus in all of us. I'm Fred

Bob: And I'm Wolverine.

Fred and Bob: And we are the scripted gamers.

Written by Adam Moran

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