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30/11/2011 Artistic Scripted Gamer Podcast
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Portal 2 360

Portal 2



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In Today's Scripted Gamer Fred and Bob discuss Portal 2. Or as they like to call it, Now you see me, now you don't.

Confused? Listen to the Scripted Gamer Pilot episode to meet our reviewers and hear how it all started that fateful day.

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Scene: Bob and Fred are sat on a sofa with two Xbox 360 controllers.

Fred: Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to scripted gamer

Bob: Todays game is what I like to call a 'Bob'

Fred: What??

Bob: A 'Bob'

Fred: A 'Bob'... but that's just your name

Bob: Ah but is it though.

Fred: Well..yes it is, if I called the game a 'Fred'.

Bob: Ah no you see it wouldn't work with you.

Fred: What wouldn't work.

Bob: The metapohor.

Fred: What?

Bob: Look todays game is completely unique there is no other game like it out there

Fred: I'd concur with that

Bob: And I am also completely unique, there is no one else like me.

Fred: That is definitely true.

Bob: Therefore this game is a 'Bob' completely unique

Fred: So why couldn't it be a 'Fred'

Bob: Really Fred there are loads of people like you

Fred: There are not!

Bob: Quite posh, definitely repressed

Fred: You name two!

Bob: David Mitchell, Stephen Fry

Fred: Well....fine but.

Bob: Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Sir Ian Mckellen...

Fred: Yes alright.

Bob: Hugh Dennis, Martin Clunes, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber...

Fred: I think you've made your point.

Bob:Sir David Attenborough, Captain Mannering...

Fred: He's fictional.

Bob: Joanna Lumley..

Fred: She's a Woman! Enough ok I get it I'm not unique in any way. Fine, can we talk about the game please?

Bob: Not all of us can be unique fred.

Fred: Today's game is Portal 2.

Bob: Well that's a bit obvious.

Fred: What are you on about now?

Bob: Well you can't just have one portal can you, you need two otherwise you'd end up exactly where you started?

Fred: What??

Bob: They should have called it two portals really.

Fred: The first game was just called Portal.

Bob: Bet it was short then.

Fred: Anyway Portal 2 is a first person puzzle shooter Where you have to shoot portals that allow you to get to hard to reach places.

Bob: Like that bit in the middle of your back that always itches but you can never quite reach it.

Fred: No nothing like that. You use the portals to transport objects, yourself or even extend existing places. It's un ique not only in its gameplay but also in the humour that has been perfectly carried into teh second game as the evil GlaDOS makes her return and also a new character voiced by Stephen merchant

Bob: Add an epic co-op mode and you have what is destined to be another classic game.

Fred: I'm afraid that's all we've got time for today.

Bob: You're kinda like that guy who played the gamesmaster as well ...patrick...Moore, that's the one.

Fred: We've been the scripted gamers goodnight.

Written by Adam Moran

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Adam Moran writes the Scripted Gamer column.

"Here, we find out what happens when theatre meets videogames. We will soon be hitting the road and performing our review scripts infront of a real living audience."

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