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Solatorobo Red the Hunter DS Review

24/11/2012 Artistic Sketchy Gamer Review
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Solatorobo Red the Hunter DS

Solatorobo Red the Hunter




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In this utterly charming action RPG you play as the titular Red, a cocky fox/dog sky pirate who rides a funky robot called Dahak. Red lives amongst fellow anthropomorphic cats and dogs on the floating islands of the Shepard Republic and thanks to a magic medallion has a whole heap of bad guys chasing his furry orange butt.

It's a wee bit of a slow burner to start, but once I took the time and scratched the surface it soon became apparent that just so much effort that has gone into creating this hugely imaginative world and its inhabitants.

There are over 70 quests to get involved in, ranging from smashing roborats in an arena, blasting sky pirates or swooping around in air-races -- and a couple of neat story twists to boot.

Although it is a little easy at times, that's a small gripe for a game that's chock full of mad ideas, beautiful graphics and is cuter than a basket of kittens.

Written by Kent Tayler

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