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15/04/2010 Specialist Tech Gamer Article
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Broadband Key for Gaming Article

Broadband Key for Gaming

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Even after upgrading, my PC still struggled to deliver the gaming experience I had expected. I should have guessed it was my connection rather than my hardware. Changing my mobile broadband package solved the lag.

A video game experience is only as good as the technical equipment we are using. A big part of why consoles and handhelds are such a big success is that they have raised the bar for hardware levels and connectivity. Rather than everyone having their own set-up, each player knows they are getting the exact experience the developer intended.

On the PC though, you are more subject to system you are running. I had recently spent a lot of time and money setting up what I thought was a high end PC gaming rig - but my game experience still seemed inferior. It took me some time to realise what the problem was - my broadband connection was bottlenecking all that gaming hardware and making the experience choppy.

I soon solved the problem with a new mobile broadband package. Getting onto the right mobile broadband setup into only saved me some money but also matched my gaming needs with an appropriate bandwidth.

It is intriguing the way technology seems to go in cycles.

As games get even more connective with services like Xbox live, PSN and, like OnLive, even look to host all the hardware server-side broadband speeds will be key to how smooth an experience you have with the latest Modern Warfare, Gears of War or FIFA game.

Things have almost come full circle since the days of the central main frame and dumb terminals. It is intriguing the way technology seems to go in cycles.

Written by Simon Arquette

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