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Cinema Seating for Videogames Gadget Review

11/09/2009 Specialist Tech Gamer Review
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Cinema Seating for Videogames Gadget

Cinema Seating for Videogames




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Cinema seating not only recreates that home theatre feel, but also enhances the videogame experience considerably as well.

Having invested so much in my home cinema and gaming setup, it struck me the other week how crazy it was to be sat on my old uncomfortable home theater seating - in other words my old sofa.

I enjoy the more technical side of video and home A/V but I'm not quite as savvy when it comes to upholstery. My solution was to look for theater seating like they have in my local Vue cinema. Having spent many hours in there I could vouch for the comfort and hard wearing nature of the seats.

Along with this, there was something exciting about having theatre style seats in the basement. When it comes to home theater furniture you can't really get much closer to the real thing than that.

Having had a bit of a hunt around without much luck - as usual the Internet offering up a bewildering array of choice - a friend suggested Theater Seat Store. They specialise in this kind of home theater furniture and looked ideal.

A few weeks later and I'm all setup with my cinema seating. It's been great for films, but what I hadn't expected was how good it is for gaming. Not only does it make long play sessions more comfortable, but the drinks and snacks holders mean I can easily grab refreshments during the cut-scenes.

I know my set-up isn't cheap, but as someone who invests a lot of my life in this sort of thing I think I get good value for money from it all.

Written by Simon Arquette

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