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50 Cent Blood on the Sand 360 Review

09/02/2009 Family Teen Gamer Review
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50 Cent Blood on the Sand 360

50 Cent Blood on the Sand



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Tech Gamer (360)

Well, I could have reviewed this game without putting it in the machine. As it is, I thought I'd give it a fair chance, so took it around to my cousin's house to give it a play together, to which the response was 'You are NOT putting that thing in my poor machine! What if my friends see what I'm playing!'. That pretty much says everything for this game, really.

So you're 50 Cent, a man with no musical talent who managed to get famous by looking scary and being 'real' apparently this means getting shot at six times, and having a few scars. I should also point out at this point that, as soon as you put the game in, it is obvious why he got shot at, as he has a mouth like a sailor who stood on a crab. The blurb on the back begins, 'Play as 50 Cent, the world's biggest hip-hop star'. Biggest being a loosely-used word here. Of course, no-one could argue that he wasn't physically the biggest, being a virtual man-rhino. Is he the richest? Possibly - you will see why in this game (he goes around beating people up until they give him money, apparently). Is he any good as an artist and the best hip-hop artist in the world? No. He has to resort to making computer games of how he goes around shooting people.

The game play itself isn't terrible, the shooting style is alright, quite Gears of War.

In short, this first-person shooter is dull, annoying, offensive and well just plain rubbish as well. In his defence, it's better than his first game. This is not something to be proud of. In the first cut-scene our hero strings together a sentence entirely constructed out of explicits to make a rather more 'G' style request to the tune of 'Would you please hand over your money, or I shall put a hole in your head, there's a good man'. It seems that our favourite rapper has to go to the middle east to recover some stolen money. This makes it all alright you see, all of this violence and criminal activity, because someone stole his money. Good old 50 Cent, keeper of justice.

I just don't understand what anyone could possibly find appealing in this game. It had 50 Cent playing in the entirety of the background (rather vainly), so I suppose all four of his fans could like the game because of that. The game play itself isn't terrible, the shooting style is alright, quite Gears of War, but there's no skill or anything involved. The enemies are plentiful, well armed, but completely clueless. Who knows, maybe they're all just hip-hop artists too, who are also low on cash.

Another perplexing question is just who this game is aimed at. I had thought the only people who would like 50 Cent, or this style of pointless game, would be about thirteen year old guys who like his music and also rather like shooting the bad guys. If so, then yeah! You'd love this game! Put it on mute though, or you'll never be allowed to use your Xbox again! If the censors managed to get a hold of this game, there would literally be no dialogue left. I must confess to not quite realise the vast versatility of the F-word - but that's alright, because Mr Cent is here to educate you. So the game is an 18 because of language, sexual and drug references, when no-one above twelve or thirteen would enjoy playing it.

To give this game a few plus points. It has some redeeming features. The game gets marginally more interesting when you play it with a friend, and fans will probably push through the game because of the features such as unlocking further 50 Cent songs.

All in all, this is one of the worst games I have ever played. I shall refer back to my cousin's response - don't put this game anywhere near your machine. Your friends might see what you're playing!

Written by Rowan Brown

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