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Lego Indiana Jones 360 Review

09/02/2009 Family Teen Gamer Review
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Lego Indiana Jones 360

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Children's play pieces meet Harrison Ford, nice! I don't know how Lego manage to make me smile so much in their interpretation of classic films, but my grin was in danger of becoming permanent as I smiled my way through the entirety of this game!

Put the disk in, wait for ten seconds, the music kicks in and you smile. Whilst John Williams' sounds are enough to make anyone feel happy, the added Lego plane flying around will make all ages happy. I don't think it matters if you are a Lego fan, or a Lucas fan, this game is simply a feel good gaming experience.

The Lego Star Wars games were fantastic, and the same is true here. Same game play, same graphics, same clips, same fantastic feel to playing, same enjoyment received from playing with a friend. Clearly Lego aren't stupid, they realise if they can make one fun game then why not stick to the same formula. Lots of people say this is just Lego Star Wars re-skinned, and yes it is but that's all to the good.

I should mention that throughout the game there are always two characters (or more) travelling around, which means that either a single player will need to keep on swapping characters, or you can rope in a friend. Unfortunately this is only available when the friend is playing on the same machine, not over Xbox live, but it's well worth having a mate round to play it through.

This is one of the best 'fun' co-op games you can buy, especially as you don't need to be keen gamers to enjoy it.

As expected, you play through the three original Indiana Jones films. A lot of the enjoyment is seeing the interpretation of the characters, and recognising clips from the films made their own by Lego. I found these clips laugh-out-loud type funny, as did the friend I was playing the game through with. Lego seem to master the art of creating clips that both children and grown ups (I use that term loosely - they are playing a Lego game after all) will find hilarious.

Of course, the characters in the game are less well known than those in Star Wars, but if you've watched the films you should spot quite a few. Of course, Jones is the main man, carrying his whip that allows him to latch onto things from distance and attack enemies. Or friends. Many an 'Oi!' came from my room when playing this game, as we discovered just how fun it is to smash up the other player too. The greifing caused to anyone getting punched off of a building when trying very hard not to fall off was hard to resist.

The game is great fun the first time through, then you can go through it all again on free play to get all of the collectables. This game gets addictive too. Personally I think that this is one of the best 'fun' co-op games you can buy, especially as you don't need to be keen gamers to enjoy it.

Maybe this isn't quite as good as Lego Star Wars, but that's just because the Star Wars films were far more iconic and well known by all. I must confess I prefer the Indiana Jones one myself, as I just thought it was plain more fun. It is quite a bit harder too, many more puzzles wrapped up within the game which you must solve to either continue the story or to get one of the collectables.

Looks like I'll be tired at college tomorrow.

This game is also long! I managed to complete Halo 3 with the same friend in under eight hours, but this game took days! Each individual level must have taken an hour if done fully, with six in each film and three films in the trilogy, not to mention playing the whole thing through again trying to get every last detail! Exhausting gaming, if done properly! I rather like this though, even serious gamers can find it hard work to do everything.

Lego Indidana Jones is just so much fun. Fun to go whip crazy and smash up Lego things. Fun to throw Lego chairs at enemies. Fun to swing across ravines with Indie's whip. But more than any of that this is a great game to get a mat eover and play into the small hours. Looks like I'll be tired at college tomorrow.

Written by Rowan Brown

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