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Pure 360 Review

09/02/2009 Family Teen Gamer Review
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Pure 360

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Although there have been a few ATV games on the 360 and the PS3, most of them have been terrible - from bad graphics to bad gameplay. But this is by far the best off-road game. Now, Motorstorm is similar, but unfortunately it is just on the PS3. Thankfully for 360 owners, Black Rock Studio have truly created an amazing ATV experience, which not only contains great graphics but also great game play which thoroughly impressed me and people that have played it.

I love watching ATV and other motor sports, but to play it is a whole different thing. This game features never-seen before tracks, vomit-inducing-jumps in real-world quad locations. Pure brings loud and adrenaline-fuelled off-road racing that makes Motorstorm and other racing games look hopeless in comparison.

Players start by choosing from a variety of male and female character riders. They can then either race against the computer opponents or online players in tracks that have winding roads, huge puddles, potholes and lots of drivers. Opponents often slam you off cliffs or into barriers making races hard and competitive.

You can customize your ATV with over 65,000 combinations, to withstand freestyle events (where you have to pull off tricks to get fuel and win the race), circuit races (where you have to race around a track 3 or 4 times and withstand all the difficulties on the track). The tracks are Mother Nature at her best - hills, slopes, river and streams. The world tour has many events and is so competitive.

The tracks are Mother Nature at her best - hills, slopes, river and streams.

There are no glitches or hiccoughs in the game, whilst the scenery is gorgeous. The graphics are very sharp and colourful, which makes this game quite beautiful. It's almost photorealistic in appearance. The ATV customization graphics are great because you can see all the detail in game. What I absolutely love is the mud and puddles - little touches that really add to the fun of the game.

The Engine noises and the drivers shouting at each other is just so adrenaline-fuelled. When you go through puddles, you can hear the splash which is extremely cool. The music is a bit repetitive, but some songs are quite well known and they get in your head. The music makes the game play better because otherwise without it, to stave off any possible boredom. The narrator can tend to be annoying, by talking a bit too much. But this is a small criticism when everything else is amazingly great.

For me this is one of the best driving games ever made. And my suggestion to all racing games fans is : 'Get to your nearest shop, get this game, and it will end all boredom'.

Written by Rowan Brown

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