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Kung Fu Panda DS Review

01/11/2008 Family Teen Gamer Review
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Kung Fu Panda DS

Kung Fu Panda



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Teen Gamer (Wii)

This is a sequel game to the original film spin off, a platform fighter game. I haven't seen the film, or even played the first game so I can't compare it to either of those, but I did really enjoy the game. I was quite excited to play it because I like fighting games like Super Smash, but I did wonder whether I'd rather have played it on the Wii so that I could really do the Kung Fu actions! Still, I enjoyed it on the DS anyway.

The game opens with an introduction, which tells you that the Furious Five are missing, and it is your mission to rescue them. Initially you can play as either of two characters, Po the Panda or Tigress, but once you have completed the game with these two then you unlock other playable characters. The game teaches you the controls in an introductory level, and I found them easy to pick up, although sometimes it was tricky to swap between the stylus and the buttons!

I preferred playing with Tigress because I liked her moves better. I thought it might be an easy game but in fact it started off with some easy levels, then it got harder as I progressed, which is good - I like to have a challenge. There are different stars to earn for different things, too, so it is worth playing a level a couple of times in order to approach it with a different goal in mind. I liked the way that each level had a bit of 'platforming' with orbs to collect before a fight stage, it kept me interested and I think the game benefits from this variety.

I was quite excited when I got to the first boss level.

You have to complete all the zones or levels before you can play the final 'boss' fight. I was quite excited when I got to the first boss level, but it wasn't that difficult after all. Perhaps the next one will be harder!

I didn't test the multiplayer aspect of the game at all, I'm afraid - I can imagine that it would be fun though! I read that you can connect the DS game to the Wii game as well, and this gives you extra multiplayer characters on the Wii game. I think this is a bit silly though, as you wouldn't really want to buy the same game twice on different consoles. Then again, if a friend had the Wii version I think I would enjoy connecting my DS and giving it a try, as it would add something extra to the game.

In conclusion, I think that this is a good fun value for money game, especially for Kung Fu Panda fans.

Written by Rowan Brown

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